Hi there, I’m Tina. Welcome to my blog.

So, first off a little about myself, I love making, designing, and learning. Combining all of these factors together has led me down an eclectic and interesting career path, where I have worked in theatre, film, as a freelance writer, and more recently within the new media sector. At present I am self employed as a freelance web designer, I run an indie sewing pattern e-commerce shop over at Miss Daisy Patterns, occasionally I develop and run ethical clothing projects at Missy Bonkers, and last but not least I blog here at Being Tina, where I can combine most of my hobbies and interests into one area.

Being Tina Blog – The Why!

So the reason I set up this blog is to keep track of all the new elements I have been introducing to my life.

Until recently I was actually quite lazy, and even though I never really ate meat, I also didn’t consider myself a vegetarian, never mind a vegan.

Then, just over a year and a half ago I started walking regularly and suddenly I found putting one step in front of another lead me on a variety of wonderful paths.

The 7th of October 2016, myself and my hubby Alan started our vegan journey. After watching a whole plethora of movies, we just couldn’t sit on the fence anymore, so we jumped straight in.

It has been a year of experimenting with different foods, developing dishes we like to eat and finding places we could eat in when out. But, most of all, our biggest learning curve has been being prepared food wise when we are out on day trips and traveling. Now, I have ironed out most of the wrinkles I will be adding all of the information I have gathered over the past year right here.

I also walked up mountains and realised I wasn’t as afraid of heights as I thought I was. Mind you thought being in the Serra Nevada in the South of Spain earlier this year did challenge my height issues a bit.

We wild camped on beaches, camped in general. Again the old me would never have considered mentioning “camping and me” in the same sentence. My first “I’m going camping this weekend,” declaration was met with bewildered and bemused looks by friends and family. Still though, I did manage to convince some family members to join in.

I also set up a new business as a freelance web designer and love it.

So I thought if I could do this in one year, what will I be doing next year? And, following on from that, I decided I had to get more serious about my blog.

One make over and structure redesign later, I am all ready to get serious.

I’d love to have you join me on the journey.

Connect with me:

Email: hi@beingtina.com

Mobile: 086 1975768

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