Khow Thai, Galway

Khow Thai, Galway

Khow Thai, Galway

Literally the nicest spring rolls I have had has been in the Khow Thai restaurant in Galway.

Located in an industrial estate in Galway city, I only accidentally happened across it as I was walking down to meet the hubby for lunch early one afternoon. I have taken up the habit of checking the menu of new restaurants I pass to see if they offer vegan options, and to my delight this one did.

About a week or so later we visited, just to have a quick dinner and the wonderful waitress there suggested that we tried the fresh spring rolls. They were absolutely like no spring roll I had ever tasted before, they were just delicious, a mixture of green asparagus, avocado, coriander, mint, in baby leaves with garlic, plum and cashew nuts, healthy and super tasty.

Asking about the vegan dishes available was greeted with a detailed knowledge of which dishes we could have and which dishes could be altered to suit, all being no problem at all.

I ordered the vegan Phad Thai, which is rice noodles, a mix of vegetables and tofu with crushed nuts, chilli flakes and a wedge of lemon on the side. Alan ordered a vegan yellow curry again with vegetables and a generous helping of tofu with a side portion of rice.

Both dishes were really genuinely delicious. So much so we have eaten there quite a few times since and have gone back and forward between ordering the same two dishes. They are even perfect for sharing to get the benefit of the different tastes and textures unique to each dish in one sitting.

As they explain on their website, ‘Thai cooking places emphasis on lightly prepared dishes with strong aromatic components and a spicy edge. It is known for its complex interplay of at least three and up to four or five fundamental taste senses in each dish or the overall meal: sour, sweet, salty, bitter, and spicy.’

Just to reiterate, apart from the food being delicious, I’d really like to note that all the staff we have met there have been very helpful and on hand to guide us through what dishes we could and couldn’t eat, the front of house staff all knew what was in each dish and there was no problem at all making the dishes vegan.

If you are in Galway, I would definitely recommend a visit or just in case the Liosbaun Industrial Estate is too far out all of their dishes are available to order via their website

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Khow Thai
19A, Merrion House, Liosbaun Industrial Estate,
Galway, Ireland

091447630 / 091458084

Image below the Yellow Curry

The Skinny Kitchen Belfast

The Skinny Kitchen, Belfast

The Skinny Kitchen, Belfast

Keeping with our recent visit to Belfast, one of our go to places to get a really nice vegan meal is the Skinny Kitchen. Located on the Boucher Road, unlikely enough amidst a retail park, that being said it is easy to find parking and the place is usually full.

Most of the items on their menu are available as vegan options, where you can swap out a section for a vegan substitute and there are some dedicated vegan meals also available.

One of the first times we went there it was completely by accident, whilst driving past I spotted their sign and we decided to pull in. Ironically enough we had eaten not too long before this, never the less we have decided to try something in every vegan restaurant, café we come across.

Our first meal there consisted of a vegan pizza on a tortilla base with a bowl of messy skinny sweet potato fries for sharing between the two of us. The meal was tasty and definitely very filling, but then again it was our second dinner that day. I also spotted on that occasion that they did vegan desserts but no matter how much I wanted one, there was definitely no space.

We quickly decided that we were going to have to make a return visit. A few weeks later we were back up visiting family and decided on having a full dinner there.

This time I opted for the noodles and Alan had the chilli followed by the dessert, a healthy banana, coconut cream, chia seed and mixed grain, nuts and dried fruit mix. Again the meal was filling and delicious, it is actually really nice to be able to go to a restaurant and have the vegan alternative options on the menu, so you pretty much know what choices are available.

Most times when asking, it feels like it can be too much effort, or that you are being awkward, or then there are the times the meat or dairy section is taken out and there is nothing extra put in leaving you with half a meal for the same price.

The Skinny Kitchen is definitely an excellent place to visit if you are on the look out for good vegan food in Belfast. The have various other locations from Ibiza to Canterbury and Bournemouth, and their menu is available online at, do take note that the menu may slightly vary from location to location.

Hillsborough Forest Park and Lake Walk

Hillsborough Forest Park & Lake Walk

Hillsborough forest park and lake walk


We frequently visit the North of Ireland because my hubby is from Banbridge in Co Down and one of our favourite spots to stop off for a walk with our dog Missy has to be the Hillsborough forest park and lake walk.

Located in Hillsborough town, which is not too far from Banbridge, it is easily accessible, with plenty of parking spaces at the entrance to the forest and very dog friendly. A big plus for us because we always travel with our dog and she loves her walks.

It is an excellent place to go for either a quick walk or a longer meander around the lake. There are two main routes to take, one brings you around the lake and comes in at just over 2km and the other brings you past the Fox Forth rath and is just over 3km. We generally do the lake walk because I love to watch the swans and the ducks.

Our most recent visit to Hillsborough forest was during a grey winter’s day and the forest itself was quite empty, the lake reflecting the silver and blue tones of the otherwise grey sky. Visiting is a great way to unwind for a short while especially after driving all the way from Galway.

Needless to say our springer Missy loves it there, we do keep her on the lead when she is near the water, otherwise she would be in it disturbing the ducks.

Just over half way through the lake walk there is a path leading from the lake into Hillsborough Fort. Colonel Arthur Hill finished building the artillery fort in 1650, and the Hill family built the village of Hillsborough.

We generally don’t visit the fort on every occasion but this time we did, as it was very quiet we took the opportunity to have a look around.

The artillery building was remodelled in the mid 18th century for use as a country house for large scale feasts and entertaining. It is said, at one wedding party in 1837 3,500 guests sat down to a roast beef and plum pudding. The main building also has many grotesque sculptured faces which are interesting to take note off. Standing up on the rampart inside the fort allows for a lovely over view of the lake and forest.

It is free admission into the fort but only the grounds are are open to the public. Opening hours are 10 – 4 Monday to Saturday and 11 – 4 on a Sunday.

For more details visit Walk NI website at

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