Harvesting Chamomile

Usually I have a mixture of dried chamomile and tea bags in the house, but this year I wanted to grow and harvest some of my own.

I seeded in a small green house earlier in the year and then transplanted outside once the weather improved and the plants were hardy enough.harvesting chamomile

Today, the first crops are ready to harvest. Harvesting chamomile is quite easy, wait for some sunshine to allow the flowers to have their pedals fully extended. Then running your fingers below the base of the flower just pop the top of the flower off.

You will actually hear a little pop sound. You can either take one flower at a time or a few if you run your fingers up along the stem.

After harvesting chamomile, you will need to dry the flowers out. I placed them on some muslin cloth, on top of a wooden chopping board, covered them with more muslin and have them left them to dry on our south facing kitchen window.

harvesting chamomile

Of course because chamomile is also a great flower to have in your garden for the bees and insects, I left behind some of the flowers for them.

harvesting chamomile

I will be harvesting chamomile again later in the season, and also drying out the leaves as well, but for the moment my first batch is drying happily. Now I just have to patiently wait for my first homegrown pot of chamomile tea.


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