Last days of Summer – In the Garden

We are in the last few days of August, schools are starting back and summer is coming to an end. Living on the west coast of Ireland, we experienced a lot of rain this summer, but today the sun came out to bathe the garden in its glorious light.

Not all my sunflowers survived the inclement weather and the ones that did are rather small, but today they shone brightly as the bees flew in ever decreasing circles around them.

The end of summer always leaves me feeling kind of sad, the flowers are grown, the fruit is harvested and the jam has been made. Even the herbs are slowly flowering and declining, for such a short time the garden is in full bloom and then begins to disappear.

Today I just couldn’t avoid sitting out with the dogs and cats and breathing in the last few days of summer, no matter if there is a load of work to do, it will wait. It will wait 🙂

Last days of Summer

Last days of Summer

Last days of Summer

Last days of Summer


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