Malaga & Granada Vegan Restaurants

Since going vegan at the beginning of this year, when we are travelling planning is key to making sure we know where we are going to eat. Initially, being vegetarian was pretty easy as most places have a veggie option, not so much being vegan.

But in saying that websites like the Happy Cow are making it a lot easier.

In May we spent a week traveling around the South of Spain using both Malaga and Granada as our base to work out off. Also, because we use Airbnb as the main source for our accommodation, buying and cooking food to suit our diet is pretty straightforward while we are there.

But, of course we don’t want to be spending all of our holidays cooking. Having a list of vegan restaurants to visit helps us keep the cooking – eating out vegan food in balance.

Canadu Restaurant, Plaza Merced

Starting with Malaga our two main go to restaurants are actually located quite close together. I booked us into an Airbnb on Plaza Merced and right across from us, on the plaza is Canadu restaurant, serving both vegetarian and vegan dishes, it is open for lunch from 1.15 to 4.15 and for Dinner from 7.30 to 11.30.

They have a wide menu including vegan cheeses and deserts, all very yummy. My favourite dish is the Vegan Spaghetti followed closely by the organic brown rice with tofu, almonds, basil and curry. They also do a vegan Patatas Bravas, to see their full menu click here  or Follow on Facebook

The second place in Malaga we visit is Vegetariano El Calafate, they offer a three-course meal for around ten euros, the lunchtime and dinner menu vary in price, but it is always listed on the signs outside and inside. They are located at Calle Andres Perez, 6 (at front of Terteria El Haren), approximately a 6/7 minutes walk from Plaza Merced. They open from 1pm for lunch to 11pm at night; note their hours can change slightly.

As it is a set choice three-course menu, on occasion it has been a bit too much food for me, so go when you are very hungry. Also they are primarily vegetarian, so there aren’t as many vegan choices as available in Canadu. Follow on Facebook.

Vegetariano El Calafate

Finally, when we arrived in Granada, the first vegan restaurant we visited was so good; we ended up going back there most of the time Hicuri Restaurante Vegan.

I had actually visited there many years ago when it was vegetarian, now with a full vegan menu, it had everything we needed from lunches to dinners and deserts.

They also stock a selection of vegan food to buy, an example being cheeses that are very good. They have a variety of menus, including a set menu and special daily menus.

They are open Monday to Friday 11 to 11 and on Saturdays 12 to 11, closed on Sundays. Their full menu is available to download from their website click here.

Definitely a must visit, and if you do get a chance a good friend of ours runs an Irish Bar just across the road called Paddy’s, do pop in and say hi. On an end note, I would recommend having at least a smattering of Spanish and being able to read the ingredients in Spanish is also a plus. Failing that, a good translation dictionary on your phone or a handy size English/Spanish dictionary kept nearby. There were other places, we didn’t manage to get to, or they were closed when we did, but plenty of time as we are heading back there very soon.


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