The Honest Vegan, Belfast

On our last visit to Belfast, we had previously eaten in a place called Raw on the Lisburn Road, and after two days of traveling and visiting family, we decided a nice sit down vegan meal was in order.

So we made our way back to Belfast, to revisit Raw. When we arrived we noticed that they had changed their name, but it wasn’t until later, during the meal, that we realised it was a completely new business. Previously know as That Vegan Café, they had relocated from the Strandmillis to the Lisburn road and renamed as the Honest Vegan.

Being a vegan for just over a year, I have quickly learned all the establishments we can eat in. I have almost a homing bird instinct at this stage, so it was really good my instinct lead me back here.

The food was just delicious, so delicious we went back the second day for more. It is really great to just be able to go in somewhere and know I can order anything off the menu and I don’t have to ask a list of questions or make requests that have various degrees of acknowledgment.

The Honest Vegan, South Belfast, 336 Lisburn Road, Belfast BT9 6GH, Tel: 07912886475

What we ate – The Honest Vegan, Belfast

On our first visit we shared the Baked Buffalo Cauliflower Bites with BBQ dip, I had the Hearty Chilli, which consisted of a bowl of red kidney bean and lentil chilli with basmati rice, served with cashew sour cream, corn tortillas, red onion, lime and coriander, and Alan had the Chickpea Burger with House Sauce and Side Salad.

It was all definitely very yummy, and since my discovery of cashew nut creams and sauces I am one very happy vegan.

The following day, for the starter we had the cherry and basil bruschetta, this time I opted for the burger with the house sauce and Alan had the Chickpea curry.

After our last visit we decided we had to leave enough room for deserts, and because we couldn’t decide on just one, we chose three of them to share, a crumble, cheesecake and peanut butter cup (all vegan).

Oh my goodness, this was both a good and a bad idea. They were all just really, really yummy. We ordered coffee to go with the cakes and started, by far my stand out favourite, purely because I have an extremely sweet tooth was the peanut butter cup. It was just delicious.

I did have a very big sugar rush afterwards, eating that many cakes altogether is not the wisest thing to do at all. But since it was going to be months before we were back up to Belfast, we really couldn’t choose.

While we were there we got talking to the staff and they were just lovely and really helpful with us making choices, there was even talk of suggesting a tasting sample of the deserts, which would be brilliant for some one like me.

I would definitely recommend a visit, whether you’re a vegan or not, recently I just discovered via their Facebook page that they are hosting a 3 course vegan dinner menu for £22.00, so it looks like a pre-Christmas trip is about to be organised.

Check out their details over on the Happy Cow.


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